We envision a world in which cultural and civic resources are shared generously.

We envision a world in which all people are empowered to share their talents to strengthen their communities. Communities in which people feel safe, welcome, and connected to the strangers who cross their paths every day.

We plan to build this future by helping civic and cultural organizations grow of, by, and for their communities. We’re already helping diverse organizations adopt specific practices to become OF, BY, and FOR their communities. These practices are interconnected. The more an organization is representative OF its community, the more people feel seen and heard. The more programming is created BY the community, the more people feel ownership. The more programming is FOR the community, the more everyone wants to participate.

We see OF/BY/FOR ALL as an accelerator for change within the broader movement for diversity, equity, and inclusion in community-based organizations. While we honor and respect our colleagues who are diving deep into DEI theory, we’re focusing on helping busy practitioners who want to change but don’t know how.

That means:

  • In an ecosystem rich in nuance and complexity, we focus on offering specific, tangible methods you can use right now to meaningfully involve your community in your work.

  • In an ecosystem where change is often facilitated with consultants and in-person conferences, we offer more affordable, networked ways to learn and connect. Our goal is to build OF/BY/FOR ALL as a network of hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations.

We're building OF/BY/FOR ALL as a two-part project:

  1. Free tools and resources (like the self-assessment) for anyone who wants to make cultural and civic organizations of, by, and for all.

  2. A Change Network of committed, diverse organizations working alongside each other to become more of, by, and for their specific communities. We’re piloting this Change Network now.

We see this work as a multi-year journey to build a movement of diverse civic and cultural organizations, all striving together to build a more inclusive world.