We want to make it as easy as possible for your organization to become of, by, and for your community.


Leading change is hard. Doing it on your own without a roadmap is even harder. That’s why we're building a Change Network: a supportive online community and training program to help you take concrete action to involve new communities in your work.

The OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network provides tools and support to help your organization: 

  • set goals for community involvement

  • adopt new behaviors to become of, by, and for the communities who matter most to you

  • track progress towards your goals

You'll make change alongside a supportive online community of fellow travelers from forward-looking civic and cultural organizations like yours around the world. We will coach and support you along the way, but ultimately, you decide how fast and far to go.

We are building the Change Network with diverse global partners.

We’re currently in the research & development phase of the Change Network. Since October 2018, we’ve been piloting the Change Network with a "First Wave" of 21 organizations. We’re learning as much as possible with these brave partners, so we can build a full-scale version of the Change Network for hundreds of organizations to join. 

Who’s in the First Wave?

The 21 First Wave organizations were chosen via an open, competitive selection process to represent diverse budget sizes, sectors, locations, and perspectives. The First Wave includes organizations with budgets from under $100,000 to over $5,000,000. Half of these organizations are led by people of color or indigenous people. All of us are on the path to community involvement and are eager to go deeper together.

The First Wave is:

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